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Tire Tubes from Ken Jones Tires

Expert Authority

Tire tubes can be difficult to buy from your local tire or equipment company, and especially online because there are limited sizes of tubes available and few experts who know the proper sizing for the thousands of tire sizes on equipment today. It takes years to gain expert knowledge as a tube supplier. One of the most important factors is being an expert in specialty tires. How can you advise on inner tubes, when you don't sell the specialty tires they are designed for?

Trusted Advisor

Family owned Ken Jones Tires has been in the specialty tire business since 1938.

Our phone is answered by experts with over 25 years of experience in specialty tires, tire tubes and tire chains. Pros rely on us for expert advice daily, so you can rely on us to help you find what you need!

"My order was shipped fast and the tubes were great! I couldn't ask for better service or a better product. You guy's are the best. Thanks !"

Jason, New Carlisle, OH

Tubes are available for many tire sizes. If you don't  see your tire size listed, keep in mind that each tube size fits many different tire sizes.  If you don't find what you need, give us a call!


Rear Tractor Tire Tubes     Front Tractor and Farm Tire Tubes     Lawn tractor tire tubes     ATV and UTV Tire Tubes     

Fork Lift Tire Tubes     Skid Steer and Loader Tire Tubes     Forestry and Skidder Tire Tubes     Severe Service Tractor Tubes     

Rear Tractor Tire Tubes     Front Tractor and Farm Tire Tubes     Light Truck Tire Tubes     ATV and UTV Tire Tubes     

Tire tubes are required in some tires, and are designated by the letter "TT" after the tire size. Tubes can also be used in tubeless tires for many different purposes

Unlike many online companies, we encourage you to call us!

It's always best to speak with a tire tube expert when buying tubes. You want to make sure you buy the right tube for your tire and make sure that you are using the tire tube for the right purpose.

Ken Jones Tires carries the best selection, offers expert advice and fast shipping.

Unlike the long list of tire manufacturers, tire tubes are only offered by two United States Brands; Carlisle and Firestone. There are many private label and foreign made tubes in the market with various grades of quality. Low quality inner tubes can blow out or fail  very quickly, and you are back to where you started. Good quality inner tubes can last for years. Unusually low priced tubes tend to give you pay for- low quality, short life. For companies such as landscapers that depend on mowing equipment uptime, time is money. A cheap, low quality tube can cause hundreds of dollars in downtime if it fails.

We Want to Earn Your Business

We believe we are the lowest total cost supplier: one phone call, expert advice, competitive prices, on-hand inventory and excellent freight rates.

Any questions? Give us a call!


Ken Jones Tires, we may it EASY to buy tire tubes!