ATV and UTV Tire Tubes

ATV and UTV Tire Tubes


ATV and UTV Tire Tubes


ATV and UTV tire tubes are usually used in a first attempt to repair air pressure loss in a tire. With the rugged terrain these tires ride on, tire rims get banged up and the tire bead doesn’t stay and the seal is not air tight. Debris such as rocks, grass, twigs work themselves between the tire bead and the rim, causing the rim to leak.

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How to Determine Rim Leaks on ATV?UTV Tires

The best way to determine rim leaks is to submerge your tire and wheel in water and look for tiny air bubbles rising from the rim. Don’t forget to check both sides of the tire! Sometimes the leaks are so small it is difficult to see or the air bubble will just be one tiny bubble every few seconds.

Remember, as your ATV increases in riding speed, the tire heats up and expands, causing any hole or rim leak to grow larger as well.


Tire tubes can fit many different tire sizes, so if you don’t see your tire size when you click on the “find my tire tube” button, give us a call, and we will find the right tube for you!

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