Commercial Truck Tire Tubes

Commercial Truck Tire Tubes

Commercial Truck Tire Tubes


Commercial truck tire tubes can be used in both tube type(designated by the letters “TT”after the tire size) and tubeless truck tires. Years ago, all truck tires required tubes. Nowadays, most newer truck tires are tubeless. Older trucks, dump trucks, and fire trucks usually require the use of a tube. Tubeless truck tires can also use a tube as a first attempt repair for rim leaks and air pressure loss.
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Truck Tire Inner Tube Sizes

If you don’t see your tire size listed when you click on the “find my tire tube” link, just give us a call. Tire tubes can fit many different tire sizes and we will find the right tube for both your tire and application. We have tried to include as many fitments as possible, but we are always here to help if you can not find what you need.

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Choosing Radial vs. Bias

Tire tube manufacturers are phasing out of manufacturing BIAS tubes. this is partly due to the fact that RADIAL can be used in both radial and bias tires. There are still some types of tire tubes that are made in both radial and bias construction. Just remember RADIAL TIRE TUBES can be installed in both RADIAL TIRES AND BIAS TIRES, but BIAS TIRE TUBES can only be installed in BIAS TIRES. So, if your tire is of bias construction but a bias tube is not available, don’t hesitate substituting a radial tube. Radial tubes are designated by the letter “R” in the size (ex. 18.4R30).

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